Scholarship Update
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This is a document that is compiled of scholarship information that has been sent to the Career Center.  Remember there are many, many more scholarships available.

Scholarships are financial awards that are given to students that do not have to be repaid.  There are many, many different scholarships that are awarded based on many different criteria. Some examples of the criteria are:
good grades, financial need, ethnic heritage, athletic or artistic talent or the degree that will be pursued in post secondary education.  Community service is the most common criteria required on scholarship applications.

There are many scholarship websites that will help narrow down the search for scholarships.  Some of them are:
Students should use these websites when looking into scholarships.

There are scholarship scams.  Never pay for a scholarship search nor give out your credit card or personal information to scholarship award providers.

There are many local scholarships that are given to just RWHS students.  These scholarships are in a packet that is available through the Principal's Office.  This packet is available sometime in March/April.  A letter is sent out to each senior with this information.