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Choosing the Right College                                                         


Parent Resources from Get Ready for College Website

This site has information for both parents and students about the college process.

Minnesota Higher Education Resources


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High School Career Center Websites of Interest Page

There are many college, financial aid and career links on this page.  One career site that is used in many classes and has a huge amount of college/career information is the Minnesota Career Information Website, a password and username are required.  Click here to send an email to obtain the username and password.

Minnesota's Programs of Study Website

Minnesota's Programs of Study Website.
A Program of Study is sequence of courses both required and elective; they begin in middle/high school and progress through college/university. The information on this site is intended to help you understand the combinations of courses, currently available at your school, that give you the best preparation for the education/career direction you’d like to explore. It also offers you some idea of program/majors in the pathways at various colleges and universities.