2013 –14 Burnside Elementary Classroom and Building Climate

 At Burnside School, our goal is to create a safe,caring and inclusive learning environment where children are able to take risks and discover the joy in learning.

To make this goal a reality we have many proactive practices to guide our children’s social and behavioral learning.  The foundation for this learning is rooted in the “Responsive Classroom” approach to teaching and learning.  This foundation is then supported by “The Learner’s Way”, the “Burnside Terrific 22”, and Burnside Climate Interventions. 

Our practices also consistent with recommendations contained in the ”Safe and Supportive Minnesota Schools” report developed by the 2012 Governor’s Task Force on the Prevention of School Bullying.  In that report, the authors note:

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 “Effective, successful school bullying prevention efforts are ones that foster and uphold prosocial core values throughout the learning community.  The school culture, climate and curriculum shall promote a caring, inclusive and accepting school community and nurture peer norms against bullying, harassment and intimidation.”

 Responsive Classroom

Responsive Classroom

 Learner's Way

The Learner's Way

 Burnside Terrific 22

Burnside Terrific 22

 Burnside Elementary Climate Interventions

Tier I Classroom Interventions

Tier I Classroom Communication

Tier II Office Interventions

Tier II Office Communication

Tier III Office Interventions

Tier III Office Communication

 Burnside Elementary Recess Climate

Burnside Elementary Recess Climate

 Burnside Elementary Recess Interventions

Tier I Playground Interventions

Tier I Playground Communication

Tier II Playground/Office Interventions

Tier II Playground/Office Communication:

Tier III Playground/Office Interventions

Tier III Playground/Office Communication