Enrollment Process for Red Wing High School - Grades 8 – 12 

The RWHS Student Services office must receive specific information before an appointment will be made with your counselor.


1.  The district forms must be completed and submitted.

2. The following information will be requested from your child’s previous school:

        a.    Up to date immunization record
        b.    Transcript from previous school
        c.    MCA test scores (MN only) or other state test scores
        d.    Current IEP and evaluation, or 504 Plan, if applicable to this student
        e.    Any previous special education testing, even if there is no IEP
        f.     MN state ID number (MN only)

3. When these records have been received by our office, we will contact you to set up an appointment with the appropriate counselor.

It may be helpful to look at the classes offered at RWHS.  Go to the RWHS webpage to view the current Program of Study.

Please do not come to the High School to start classes without an appointment as we will not be able to assist you until we have all the requested information.