Summer Driver's Education

Names are now being taken for Summer Driver's Ed. classroom.  Please remember you must be 15 by the last day of class to register for that class. 
All summer classes will be held at River Bluff Education Center (building across from the arena by the high school).




June 12 - 23 - 1-4pm - River Bluff Education Center (M-F)


July 31 - August 11 - 8:30-11:30am - River Bluff Education Center (M-F)



Names should be on the class list you are interested in before school on Friday, May 5.

After the sign up deadline a list of eligible students will be posted outside of the Com. Ed. office. Students whose names are on the list will need to stop into the Com Ed. office and pick up a registration form and return that with payment by the deadline date listed on the form.

Graduated Driver License Law
Graduated Driver License Law
All Driver's Education Parent Meeting dates can be found on our online registration system under Adult Enrichment.  Students are strongly encouraged to attend with their parent. Pre-registration including your child's full legal name is recommended so certificates of completion can be completed prior to the start of the class.  Walk-ins are welcome but parents may need to wait after the class is concluded for a certificate to be completed.
Students sign-up for the classroom sessions in the Community Education office. Sign-up sheets are normally in the office 3 weeks prior to the class starting date. Students will be asked for their name, birth date, and a telephone number when completing the interest sheets. Using these interest sheets a month or so prior to the scheduled class date, registration forms are distributed to the oldest 30 students. Registration forms require a parent signature and payment. Completed registration forms are due back at the Community Education office at the high school two days after receiving the form. Class lists are posted at the high school one week prior to the start date of the scheduled class. Classroom cost is $160 or you have the option of paying for both the classroom and behind the wheel at a cost of $340, a $15 savings.

Permit Testing:
At the completion of the class, a permit testing session will be scheduled at the high school for all participating students. At this testing session students must provide a certified Birth Certificate and a Secondary Identification Document (listed on pages 3 and 4 of the Minnesota Driver’s Manual, which can be accessed at If students successfully complete and pass the written exam and have provided all of the documentation that is required, they will be issued a temporary paper, which is proof of passing the written test. Individuals are then required to present the “proof of passing” temporary paper and the same ID's they used for the written test at a license facility that has a camera (The License Center, 1506 W. Main St., Red Wing) and pass and eye exam. The Minnesota Driver’s License/Identification Card Application and fee ($12.00) for the instruction permit will be collected at the time a picture is taken for the instruction permit. (At this time a parent must be present to sign and have the application notarized.)

Red Wing Community Education offers Driver's Education classroom for any individuals who will be age 15 by the completion date of the class. The classroom training consists of 30 hours of instruction from a Driver’s Education Instructor. Classes are offered before school (when instructors are available) in the spring, after school in the fall, and winter and a couple of sessions in the summer. Students are required to attend all 30 hours of the class and are not allowed to miss any meeting dates. If you are unable to complete the 30 hours you will be issued a refund of $110. You will need to need to complete the registration process again when the next class is offered.

Testing Retakes:
If students do not pass the written exam, they will need to stop and pick up a classroom completion card at the Community Education Office (2451 Eagle Ridge Drive, Red Wing) and retake the permit test at a state testing site. These sites and hours can be located at the Driver and Vehicle Services Division WEB site:

Behind-The-Wheel Driver's Education
Requirements and Registration:
After receiving the Instruction Permit, there is a 6-month waiting period prior to taking the Road Test. During this 6 months, students must complete 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction.  The cost is $195 and is payable at the time of registration for the class or at the completion of the classroom at the Red Wing Community Education Office, 2451 Eagle Ridge Drive, Red Wing, MN, 55066. After receipt of payment, a behind-the-wheel instructor will contact the students to establish a schedule for the 6 hours of driving instruction. (Payment must be received prior to contact by instructor.) Students are contacted in the order payment was received.

Missed Driving Sessions
If you miss a scheduled driving session, it is your responsibility to contact your instructor and schedule your next driving time. If a second scheduled driving session is missed there will be a $25 missed appointment fee that will be accessed. The original driving schedule you set up will need to be changed and the final or 6th hour of driving will not be given until the missed appointment fee has been paid. This fee can be paid to the instructor and if you are writing a check it should be made out to ISD #256, a receipt will be given for the payment.

Session Schedules: 
The instructors believe in providing the most effective education possible developing drivers who are well equipped to handle situations that arise every time they get behind the wheel. To this end, whenever possible, they try to avoid doing more than one lesson at a time. They have found that it is difficult for the students to concentrate fully for longer than a one-hour session. Also, there is no time to practice lessons adequately if students are rushed through the program. The goal is to provide quality Driver Education to students. Sound educational practices dictate that a certain amount of time is needed to obtain this goal.

License Testing:
Upon completion of 6 hours behind-the-wheel instruction, students must pick up a white completion card at the Community Education Office. (Student signature is required.) This white card must be presented along with the driving permit in order to take the Road Test. Students must have participated in at least 30 hours of supervised driving (10 hours should be at night) prior to taking the road test. Road test appointments must be scheduled at one of the road test sites throughout the state. These test sites can be accessed at The Driver and Vehicle Services Division website: There is a $10 fee per card for a duplicate blue/white card.
Steps to Earn Your MN Driving Privilege (Before Age 18)
1. Sign up for Classroom Driver's Education at Red Wing High School (payment due with registration).
2. Successfully complete the Classroom Driver's Education (30 hours mandatory).
3. Pass the written test.
4. Pay permit fee/complete necessary paperwork and have photo taken for permit.
5. Pay for Behind-the-Wheel Training at the Community Education Office (if payment was not made when signing up for the classroom).
6. Instructor contacts you directly to set up 6 hour driving instruction time.
7. Complete 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction and pick up a white completion card at the Community Education Office. (Student must be present for signature.)
8. Schedule and pass Behind-the-Wheel test (must be 16 and have had permit for 6 months).
9. Pay license fee and have photo taken for license.

Driver and Vehicle Services Division (DVS) Web Site
At this site you can access the following information:
The location of driver exam stations and their hours of operation
Telephone numbers to call to make an appointment to taker your road test
A list of stations and offices where you can apply for or renew your driver's license, permit or state identification card
A list of approved driver education schools
A list of approved driver improvement clinics
A list of places where you can register your vehicle
Information about vehicle titles, license plates and fees
A copy of the driver's manual