The School Assessment Coordinator (SAC) is responsible for:

1. Building testing schedules;
2. Naming test proctors in accordance with the building test schedules;
3. Ensuring that building staff are trained in test security and have signed Non-Disclosure forms;
4. Ensuring that proctors are trained in test security and test proctoring;
5. Assuring that student test accommodations are in place, (including MTAS, ELL, and IEP-based accommodations);
5. Communicating building test questions and challenges to the District Assessment Coordinator, including before, during, and after testing sessions.
2014-2015 SAC Listing
Burnside Elementary School - Sheila Beckner, Building Principal
Twin Bluff Middle School - Megan Latch, Counselor
Red Wing HS (MCA) - Corey Knighton, Assistant Principal; Craig Bell, Counselor; Vanessa Myran, Counselor
Red Wing HS (ACT) - Todd Herber, Building Principal, Heidi Raasch, Counselor