New legislation requires all students to explore their college and career interests and aspirations and develop a plan for a smooth and successful transition to postsecondary education or employment.
Red Wing High School will be using a program titled Ramp-Up to Readiness™. Ramp-Up is a school-wide guidance program designed to assist students with development of the knowledge, skills, and habits necessary for success in a high-quality college program. Through participation in Ramp-Up to Readiness™, students in grades 8-12 progress toward readiness in five areas: Academic, Admissions, Career, Financial, and Personal and Social Readiness.
Ramp-Up to Readiness™ features an engaging and interactive series of Advisory Activities and Workshops focused on helping all students meet the Ramp-Up Outcomes by the end of high school. Ramp-Up helps students advance toward meeting those standards as they progress through school.
Ramp Up Websites and Documents
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Postsecondary Plan
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