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Contact Info
Adams, Lisa TBMS Food Service 651-385-4530
Ahrendt, Susan TBMS Food Service 651-385-4530
Albers, Kim Burnside Teacher 651-385-4700
Albers, Wesley TBMS Teacher 651-385-4530
Amberg, Carol RWHS Custodian 651-385-4600
Andersen, Robert Sunnyside Custodian 651-385-4570
Anderson, Karsten District Superintendent 651-385-4500
Anderson, Leanne RWHS Food Service 651-385-4600
Anderson, Margo Colvill Education Assistant 651-385-8000
Anderson, Rachel TBMS Teacher 651-385-4530
Anderson, Steve District School Board 651-385-4500
Anway, Stacy Sunnyside Kids Junction 651-385-4570
Armstrong, Carrie RWHS Secretary 651-385-4504
Arndt, Mary Jo Colvill Teacher 651-385-8000
Auge, Kathy TBMS Teacher 651-385-4530
Bang, Erik Burnside Teacher 651-385-4700
Banks, Lisa RWHS Secretary 651-385-4614
Barlow, Doug RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Barlow, Jodi Colvill Teacher 651-385-8000
Bauer, Dawn Burnside Education Assistant 651-385-4700
Bell, Kayla Burnside Student Services Coordinator 651-385-5700
Bender, Scott RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600 ext4733
Berg, Cheryl Sunnyside Education Assistant 651-385-4570
Bergeson, Jody TBMS Teacher 651-385-4530
Berghammer, Jill RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Bergin, Sheila Sunnyside Food Service 651-385-4570
Beuch, Mikayla TBMS Swim Pool 651-385-4530
Bialek, Renea TBMS Special Education Para 651-385-4530
Blahnik, Kyle RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Bodin, Cynthia TBMS Education Assistant 651-385-4530
Bohanon, Kaydee Sunnyside Special Education Para 651-385-4570
Boldt, Scott TBMS Custodian 651-385-4530
Bordonaro, Jennifer Burnside Principal 651-385-4700
Borgen, Beth District Administration 651-385-4524
Borgen, Virginia Burnside Teacher 651-385-4700
Borgschatz, Bethany District School Board 651-385-4500
Bourgoine, Lori Burnside Teacher 651-385-4700
Bowen, Diane Sunnyside Education Assistant 651-385-4570
Bowes, Tim RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Bray, Kristin RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600 x.4638
Brown, Charlie Arena/Grounds Custodian 651-385-4500
Bruni, Steve District Transportation 651-385-4500
Bryant, Constance District District Office 651-385-4511
Buczko, Michael TBMS Custodian 651-385-4530
Buratti, Sarah Burnside Teacher 651-385-4700
Burns, Susan RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Busch, Susan Burnside Teacher 651-385-4700
Bystrom, Kelsey RWHS Special Education Para 651-385-4700
Calley, Barb Burnside Secretary 651-385-4700
Carlson, Amy TBMS Teacher 651-385-4530
Carlson, Cindy TBMS Secretary 651-385-4530
Carlson, Kaylynn Colvill Education Assistant 651-385-8000
Casci, Tony RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Cedar, Sally TBMS Food Service 651-385-4530
Chalmers, Jeffrey RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Childs, Amy TBMS Food Service 651-385-4530
Chitty, Shannon Colvill Special Education Para 651-385-8000
Christensen, Mike District School Board 651-385-4500
Christenson, Susan Burnside Nurse 651-385-4700
Christianson, Emily Tower View 651-385-8963
Clark, Steven RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Cobian, Terri TBMS Teacher 385-4530 x 2741
Cody, Jill Sunnyside Teacher 651-385-4570
Cory, Kim RWHS/TBMS Teacher 651-385-4530
Covey, Stacey Sunnyside Special Education Para 651-385-4570
Dahl, Julie Technology District Technology Specialist 651-385-4515
Dahlen, Angela TBMS Teacher 651-385-4675
Dahling, Robin Burnside Food Service 651-385-4700
Dalbesio, Jamie RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Damman, Megan Sunnyside Teacher 651-385-4570
Davis, Sharon Burnside Special Education Para 651-385-4700
Dean, Beth Sunnyside Education Assistant 651-385-4570
Devery, Gail TBMS Teacher 651-385-4530
Dicke, Sheila Burnside Special Education Para 651-385-4700
Diercks, Arlen District School Board 651-385-4500
Diercks, Lynn TBMS Special Education Para 651-385-4530
Dominguez, Lauren TBMS Psychologist 651-385-4530
Donald, Lisa RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Dressen, Brianna Sunnyside Teacher 651-385-4570
Dressen, Pamela Sunnyside Teacher 651-385-4570
Dugstad, Cynthia Burnside Special Education Para 651-385-4700
Dugstad, Mark TBMS Custodian 651-385-4530
Dunford, Lori RWHS Food Service 651-385-4600
Eckblad, Dorothy Community Education/Recreation Adult Basic Education 651-385-4565
Eix, Sarah RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Ekholm, Hattie RWHS Teacher 651-385-4689
Enevold, Steven Burnside Custodian 651-385-4700
Erhardt, Mary Colvill Special Education Para 651-385-8000
Evenson, Terry Sunnyside Education Assistant 651-385-4570
Fagerlund, Marge Sunnyside Teacher 651-385-4570
Farrar, Janie District School Board 651-385-4500
Feders, Alison Sunnyside Teacher 651-385-4570
Field, Amy Sunnyside Teacher 651-385-4570
Finholm, Heather TBMS Teacher 651-385-4530
Finholm, Jeffrey RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Flom, Karin Sunnyside Secretary 651-385-4570
Ford, Tim Burnside Education Assistant 651-385-4700
Fox, Valerie Sunnyside Special Education Para 651-385-4570
Frantti, Emma Burnside Teacher 651-385-4700
Frantti, Paul Burnside Teacher 651-385-4700
Friedrich, Shauna Sunnyside Teacher 651-385-4570
Froemming, Jennifer RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Furchner, Sue Burnside Education Assistant 651-385-4700
Gadient, Anita Colvill Secretary 651-385-8000
Ganser, Brock Sunnyside Custodian 651-385-4570
Gardner, Mikkel Burnside Teacher 651-385-4700
Gaylor, Alan Arena/Grounds Arena Maintenance 651-267-4346
Gehloff, Deanna Sunnyside Food Service 651-384-4570
Glover, Rachel Burnside Teacher 651-385-4700
Gonstead, Rome Sunnyside Education Assistant 651-385-4570
Gore, Julie Burnside Teacher 651-385-4700
Gouka-Dopkins, Melissa RWHS Special Education Para 651-385-4600
Grefe, Tyne RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Grinager, Gregory RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Grinager, Tina RWHS Secretary 651-385-4612
Grote, Brenda RWHS Food Service 651-385-4600
Grove, Jennifer TBMS Student Services Coordinator 651-385-4530
Grove, Kristin Sunnyside Teacher 651-385-4570
Gullixson, Esther District Teacher 651-385-4649
Haider, Kathleen Sunnyside Education Assistant 651-385-4570
Halvorson, Jaimie District Finance 651-385-4500
Hamilton, Lori Sunnyside Special Education Para 651-385-4570
Hanlin, Alison TBMS Occupational Therapy 651=385-4530
Hansen, Carrie TBMS Teacher 651-385-4530
Hanson, Kelly Burnside Teacher 651-385-4700
Hanson, Kirby TBMS Teacher 651-385-4530 (2772)
Hanson, Lisa RWHS Teacher 651-385-4743
Hanten, Megan RWHS/TBMS Teacher 651-385-4600
Hardyman, Andrew RWHS Special Education Para 651-385-4600
Harteneck, Alan RWHS Custodian 651-385-4625
Hartmann, Paul Tower View Teacher 651-388-8963
Hassemer, Kelly Burnside/Sunnyside English Language Learner Teacher 651-385-4570
Hauschildt, Roberta Burnside Education Assistant 651-385-4700
Hayes, Brianna Burnside Kids Junction 651-385-4709
Heineman, Joanie RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Heins, Anita Sunnyside Teacher 651-385-4570
Heitman, Debra Sunnyside Nurse 651-385-4570
Hendrickson, Mark Colvill Custodian 651-385-8000
Herber, Todd RWHS Principal 651-385-4600
Hoeft, Stephanie TBMS Teacher 651-385-4530
Hoffman, Hannah Sunnyside Teacher 651-385-4570
Hokanson, Jenny Colvill Special Education Para 651-385-8000
Holm, Denise Burnside Food Service 651-385-4700
Holm, Kevin Burnside Teacher 651-385-4700
Holty, Linda TBMS Food Service 651-385-4530
Howard, Taronda Tower View Secretary 651-388-8963
Hu, Angela Colvill Special Education Para 651-385-8000
Hubbartt, Jo Anne Colvill Education Assistant 651-385-8000
Huneke, Amanda Colvill Special Education Para 651-385-8000
Hunt, Jacquelyn Sunnyside Education Assistant 651-385-4570
Huppert, Patti RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Huppert, Sharon Sunnyside Secretary 651-385-4570
Jablonski, Barbara Sunnyside Food Service 651-385-4570
Jaeger, Betty Burnside Special Education Para 651-385-4600
Jaeger, Joanna Burnside Teacher 651-385-4700
Jannatpour, Sudi TBMS Special Education Para 651-385-4530
Jensen, Marcia Community Education/Recreation Community Education 651-385-4566
Jensen, Sandra Sunnyside Food Service 651-385-4570
Jenson, Marita Burnside Teacher 651-385-4700
Jezierski, Joseph District Director of Teaching & Learning 651-385-4504
Johnson, Anna Jean Sunnyside Teacher 651-385-4570
Johnson, Brianna Sunnyside Teacher 651-385-4570
Johnson, Cherie GCED Administration 651-388-4441
Johnson, Jennifer TBMS Media Aide 651-385-4530
Johnson, Julie Colvill Paraprofessional 651-385-8000
Johnson, Kevin District Director of Buildings & Grounds/Technology Coordinator 651-385-4507
Johnson, Mark District Custodian 651-385-4500
Johnson, Peter RWHS/TBMS Teacher 651-385-4600
Johnson, Sandra Burnside Food Service 651-385-4700
Johnson, Sheri Colvill Nurse 651-385-8000
Johnson-Lundberg, Deborah District District Office 651-385-4503
Johnson-Svedvik, Martha Burnside Teacher 651-385-4700
Jones, Heidi District School Board 651-385-4500
Jones, John RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Jurgensen, Kristen District Secretary 651-385-4500
Kann, Elliott RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Kelley, Michelle Sunnyside Teacher 651-385-4570
Kelly, Beth RWHS Secretary 651-385-4600
Kiecker, Samantha RWHS/TBMS Teacher 651-385-4600
Kittelson, Barb District Occupational Therapy 651-385-4500
Kittelson, Elizabeth Sunnyside Social Worker 651-385-4570
Kitzmann, Jada Colvill Teacher 651-385-8000
Kjos, Jason RWHS Assistant Principal 651-385-4600
Klassen, Kris District Nurse 651-385-4509
Kline, Suzanne RWHS Food Service 651-385-4600
Kolby, Kelly TBMS Special Education Para 685-385-4530
Kopp, Deb Burnside Education Assistant 651-385-4700
Kosek, Scott RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Kreye, Renee Burnside Education Assistant 651-385-4700
Krig, Travis Sunnyside Custodian 651-385-4581
Kuyath, Annmarie RWHS Education Assistant 651-385-4600
Lahammer, Margaret RWHS/TBMS Teacher 651-385-4600
Lahammer, Neil Burnside Teacher 651-385-4700
Lang, Jamie TBMS Teacher 651-385-4530
Lang, Lisa Burnside Education Assistant 651-385-4700
Larson, Denise RWHS Special Education Para 651-385-4600
Larson, Lora Burnside Education Assistant 651-385-4700
Larson, Nicole RWHS/TBMS Teacher 651-385-4600
Latuff-Langhans, Donna RWHS Food Service 651-385-4600
LaVigne, Valerie Burnside Education Assistant 651-385-4700
Leise, James RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Lemmerhirt, Matthew RWHS Custodian 651-385-4600
Lexvold, Brenton District Food Service Director 651-385-4570
Linder, Rose Burnside Kids Junction 385-4700
Lindstrom, Carrie Burnside Education Assistant 651-385-4700
Littfin, Natalie TBMS Special Education Para 651-385-4530
Lorentzen, Jamie Tower View Teacher 651-388-8963
Lundquist, Elizabeth RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Lynch, Lila Colvill Teacher 651-385-8000
Lyons, Michelle Burnside Nurse 651-385-4700
Maki-Pauzauskie, Stacy RWHS Special Education Para 651-385-4600
Mann, Elliott RWHS/TBMS Teacher
Mann, Kim TBMS Teacher 651.385.4530 x 2761
Marklevits, Sara Sunnyside Teacher 651-385-4570
Marrs, Daniel RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Martin, Julie TBMS Teacher 651-385-4530
Martin-Oakes, Mary Colvill Colvill Family Center Director 651-385-8000
Matthies, Kari TBMS Teacher 65-385-4530
Maudal, Michael RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Mayer, Beth TBMS Teacher 651-385-4530
McDonnell, Amanda Burnside Kids Junction 651-385-4700
McDonnell, Erin Sunnyside Teacher 651-385-4570
McLaughlin, Charley District Technology 651-385-4515
McNamee, Katherine Burnside Education Assistant 651-385-4700
Menke, Gaye District Physical Therapist 651-385-4500
Mensinger, Kimberly Burnside Food Service 651-385-4700
Mercord, Sheryl Community Education/Recreation Community Education 651-385-4596
Messner, TaNesha Burnside Teacher 651-385-4700
Meyer, Jeffrey Burnside Custodian 651-385-4700
Meyer, Karin Colvill Teacher 651-385-4570 ext. 28
Meyer, Rhonda Burnside Secretary 651-385-4700
Mikkelson, Tammy RWHS Teacher 651-385-4723
Milani, Patrick RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Milkanin, Traci TBMS Education Assistant 651-385-4560
Miller, Colleen Colvill Special Education Para 651-385-800
Miller, Gayle TBMS Education Assistant 651-385-4530
Miller, Heidi TBMS Food Service 651-385-4530
Miller, John District Activities Director 651-385-4691
Miller, Michelle Burnside Education Assistant 651-385-4700
Miller, Tricia TBMS Media Aide 651-385-4530
Miller, Viva Sunnyside Kids Junction 651-385-4570
Mitchell, Heidi Tower View Teacher 651-388-8963
Mitchell, Lori RWHS Media Aide 651-385-4600
Molde-Boeding, Jayne Sunnyside Physical Therapist 651-385-4570
Morrison, Jim RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Mortel, Heather RWHS Psychologist 651-385-4600
Moschtke, Amanda Colvill Education Assistant 651-385-8000
Muller, Shonna Sunnyside Education Assistant 651-385-4570
Myran, Vanessa RWHS Guidance Counselor 651-385-4600
Nagel, Nina Sunnyside Teacher 651-385-4570
Napper, Colleen Burnside Special Education Para 651-385-4700
Nelson, Amy RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Nelson, Emily TBMS Teacher 651-385-4530
Nelson, Jesse RWHS Teacher 651-385-4688
Nelson, Kasandra Burnside Teacher 651-385-4700
Nelson, Lori A. Burnside Education Assistant 651-385-4700
Nelson, Tara Sunnyside Teacher 651-385-4570
Nemanich, Mary RWHS Teacher 651-385-4734
Nibbe, Kelly Sunnyside Education Assistant 651-385-4570
Nicolai, Lori RWHS Social Worker 651-385-4523
Nordenskjold, Chris TBMS Custodian 651-385-4530
Nystuen, Katherine Colvill Teacher 651-385-8000
O'Neill, Michele TBMS Special Education Para 651-385-4530
Odzemski, Janine Sunnyside Special Education Para 651-385-4570
Olinger, Drew TBMS Teacher 651-385-4530
Orr, Shelley RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Ostrander, Lori Sunnyside Teacher 651-385-4570
Otteson, Patricia RWHS/TBMS Teacher 651-385-4530
Pagel, Michael Sunnyside Principal 651-385-4570
Pagel, Robin RWHS/TBMS Guidance Counselor 651-385-4600
Palmatier, Christopher TBMS Principal 651-385-4530
Paradis, Jackie District Finance 651-385-4500
Pastor, Juana Colvill Education Assistant 651-385-8000
Patitz, Karen RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Pearson, Amy Sunnyside Teacher 651-385-4570
Pearson, Molly Sunnyside Psychologist 651-385-4570
Pearson, Nancy Sunnyside Food Service 651-385-4570
Pease, Nikki Burnside Teacher 651-385-4700
Perau, Scott RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Peter, Courtney RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Petersen, Lynne GCED/Red Wing Schools Autism Consultant 651-385-4600
Peterson, Amanda TBMS Teacher 651-385-4530
Peterson, Cameron Arena/Grounds Custodian 651-385-4500
Peterson, Carrie TBMS Secretary 651-385-4530
Petterson, Trina Burnside/Sunnyside Teacher 651-385-4700
Phernetton, LuAnn RWHS Education Assistant 651-385-4600
Pittman, M. Therese District Speech Language Therapist 651-385-4530
Plein, Abby Community Education/Recreation Secretary 651-385-4564
Plein, Justin Burnside/Sunnyside School Age Care Coordinator 651-385-4716
Powell, Megan Burnside Interpreter 651-385-4700
Powers, Holly District District Office 651-385-4512
Prahl, Nancy Sunnyside Teacher 651-385-4570
Pratt, Sarah Burnside Teacher 651-385-4700
Price, Trudy Colvill Education Assistant 651-385-8000
Prigge, Emily Sunnyside Teacher 651-385-4570
Quiding, Tanya Burnside Education Assistant 651-385-4700
Quinn, Matt TBMS Teacher 651-385-4530 ext2682
Raasch, Heidi RWHS Guidance Counselor 651-385-4608
Rak, Amy Sunnyside Teacher 651-385-4570
Rasmussen, Diana TBMS Education Assistant 651-385-4530
Rausch, Katie RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Rauterkus, Mary Colvill Teacher 651-385-8000
Reding, Cheryl TBMS Occupational Therapy 651-385-4500
Redman, William RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Richardson, Pamela Colvill Teacher 651-385-8000
Richardson, Susan Sunnyside Teacher 651-385-4570
Riegelman, Cameron RWHS Security 651-385-4600
Rivard, Jill Community Education/Recreation Adult Basic Education 651-385-4562
Robert, Janean RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Robohm, Lynn Burnside Speech Language Therapist 651-385-4700
Rodgers, Christopher RWHS Social Worker 651-385-4600
Rohan, Jill Burnside Teacher 651-385-4700
Roschen, Nikki RWHS/TBMS Teacher 651-385-4530
Roth, Tonya District Adult Basic Education 651-385-4656
Ruby, Darcy RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Rumpca, Alison Sunnyside Teacher 651-385-4570
Ryan, Mark District School Board 651-385-4500
Ryan, Stephanie Burnside Teacher 651-385-4700
Sachen, Jayne Burnside Media Aide 651-385-4700
Safe, Kate Sunnyside Teacher 651-385-4570
Sanden, Robert Colvill Custodian 651-385-8000
Sanford, Heather RWHS Food Service 651-385-4600
Schaffer, Nicole Sunnyside Special Education Para 651-358-4570
Schneider, Julie TBMS Teacher
Schreifels, Peter RWHS Special Education Para 651-385-4600
Schroeder, Abby RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Schull, Dena RWHS Food Service 651-385-4600
Schulthess, Beth TBMS Education Assistant 385-4570
Schultz, Joshua TBMS Custodian 651-385-4530
Schumacher, Marie RWHS Food Service 651-385-4600
Sebo, Amber Tower View Teacher 651-388-8963
Seefeldt, Emily Burnside Teacher 651-385-4700
Shafer, Christine Sunnyside Food Service 651-385-4570
Shannon, Sara TBMS Teacher 651-385-4530
Shoemaker, Daisy Burnside Teacher 651-385-4700
Simmons, Justin District Building and Grounds 651-385-4500
Simonson, Lynn Sunnyside Education Assistant 651-385-4570
Simonson, Scott District Custodian 651-385-4500
Sjoblom, Jody Burnside Teacher 651-385-4700
Sjoblom, Kaitlin Colvill Teacher 651-385-8000
Slagle, Ben Burnside/Towerview Teacher 651-385-4700
Snyder, Allyson TBMS Teacher 651-385-4530
Stewart, Janet RWHS Special Education Para 651-385-4600
Stokes, Mandy Burnside Teacher 651-385-4700
Stone, Raymond TBMS Custodian 651-385-4530
Strusz, Angela Burnside Education Assistant 651-385-4700
Strusz Klein, Gail District Education Assistant 651-385-4500
Sullivan, Barbara Sunnyside Education Assistant 651-385-4570
Sundberg, Kristin Colvill Education Assistant 651-385-8000
Susag, Rebecca RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Swaner, Whitney TBMS Teacher 651-385-4530
Swanson, Michelle Sunnyside Teacher 651-385-4570
Sward, Bonnie TBMS Food Service 385-4530
Swenson, Nicole Burnside Teacher 651-385-4700
Szuberski, Korrie Colvill Teacher 651-385-5000
Teacher, Sample
Tepley, Jennifer Burnside Teacher 651-385-4700
Thom, Hilary Sunnyside Teacher 651-385-4570
Thompson, Julie TBMS Teacher 651-385-4530
Thompson, Kimberly Burnside Teacher 651-385-4700
Thompson, Tina Colvill Teacher 651-385-8000
Thorson, Cory TBMS Teacher 651-385-4530
Thygesen, Josh Community Education/Recreation Community Education 651-385-4568
Tisland, Sheena RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Tlougan, Jessica GCED/Red Wing Schools Occupational Therapy 651-301-9267
Toivonen, Douglas TBMS Teacher 651-385-4530
Toivonen, Lisa RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Trout, Kristen TBMS Teacher 651-385-4530
Trulen, Jacqueline Burnside Teacher 651-385-4700
Turcotte, Cheri TBMS Education Assistant 651-385-4530
Ulveling, Kraig RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Ulveling, Michelle Sunnyside Media Aide 651-385-4570
Ulvenes, Betsy Sunnyside Teacher 651-385-4570
Vande Stouwe, Cristin RWHS Food Service 651-385-4600
VanLoon, Amy Sunnyside Education Assistant 651-385-4570
Vikdal, Tiffiny TBMS Teacher 651-385-4530
Voigt, Jamie Sunnyside Education Assistant 651-385-4570
Warg, Rachel RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Warrington, Renee Sunnyside Teacher 651-385-4570
Wassink, Jane Burnside Teacher 651-385-4700
Webster, Haley RWHS/TBMS Teacher 651-385-4530
Wedrickas, Robert TBMS Custodian 651-385-4554
Weess, Nathan TBMS Teacher 651-385-4530
Weess, Rachael TBMS Teacher 651-385-4530
Weibel, Kari TBMS Teacher 651-385-4530
Welsch, Kathy Sunnyside Teacher 651-385-4570
Wendland, Michael RWHS Teacher 651-385-4635
Wentzler, Thomas RWHS/TBMS Teacher 651-385-4600
Wersal, Glenda District District Office 651-385-4500
Westerberg, Joni RWHS Education Assistant 651-385-4600
Westphall, Corrie Sunnyside Media Aide 651-385-4570
Wettern, Dawn Community Education/Recreation Community Education Director 651-385-4567
Whitcomb, Ben RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Will, Zachary Burnside Teacher 651-385-5700
Woychek, Lindsay Burnside Teacher 651-385-4700
Wyatt, Brent TBMS Teacher 651-385-4530
Yoemans, Erin Burnside Education Assistant 651-385-4700
Yusten, Aaron RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600
Zenzen, Melissa Colvill Teacher 651-385-8000
Zervas, Molly Burnside Teacher 651-385-4700
Zuerlein, Gabby RWHS Teacher 651-385-4600