Minnesota State Tests
The Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments Series III (MCA III's) are reading, mathematics, writing and science tests that help schools and districts measure student progress toward the state’s academic standards. MCA’s are administered in:
  • Grade 3 Reading & Math
  • Grade 4 Reading & Math
  • Grade 5 Reading, Math, & Science
  • Grade 6 Reading & Math
  • Grade 7 Reading & Math
  • Grade 8 Reading, Math, & Science
  • Grade 10 Reading & Science (when students take life science standards)
  • Grade 11 Math
There are also Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments Series III - Modified and Minnesota Test of Academic Skills (MTAS) for students on IEPS that have modified achievement standards.

ACCESS for ELLs- Minnesota districts will be administering the ACCESS for ELLs® assessment to all Limited English Proficient (LEP) identified students in grades K–12. Starting in the spring of 2012, the ACCESS for ELLs® will replace the Test of Emerging Academic English (TEAE) and the Minnesota Student Oral Language Observation Matrix (MN SOLOM) in fulfilling the Title III requirement for assessing English language proficiency.  Click HERE for more information.

State Test Results
Minnesota state test results are available on the MDE website. Click HERE to access the results page.

Practice Tests
The State has put together item samplers for each grade and test.  Click HERE to view the item samplers.
Achievement Level Descriptors
Achievement Level Descriptors (ALDs) describe the four levels of achievement on the Minnesota Academic Standards.  Developed by panels of Minnesota teachers, ALDs from the Individual Student Reports for reading, mathematics, science and English learner assessments are provided here. ALDs for the alternate assessments, the Minnesota Test of Acacemic Skills (MTAS) and the MCA-Modified, represent reduced depth, breadth and complexity of the academic standards.  Click HERE to view the achievement levels.