Red Wing Public Schools Annual Notification Page
​​​​​During the past school year and continuing into this school year the following asbestos management activities have been or are currently being completed. 
  • Semi-annual periodic surveillance inspections
  • Three year periodic re-inspections
  • Asbestos repairs
  • Notification of asbestos locations for short term workers (plumbers, electricians, etc.)
  • Training of district personnel
  • There was no asbestos removal during the last fiscal year.

These activities are pursuant to the Environmental Protection Agency 40 CRF Part 763 “Asbestos Containing Materials in School; Final Rule and Notice”…
The designated person for the district is Alan Gaylor. He can be contacted at 385-4507.  Shanda Jorgensen, with  Meridian Consulting, may be contacted in an emergency at 651-385-4507.

 The completed updated asbestos management plan can be viewed, without cost or restriction, during regular office hours at the District Buildings and Grounds Office or at each school office for its individual plan. Copies can be obtained for a fee of 10 cents per page.

Any questions concerning this notice or an explanation of our Asbestos Management Plan can be directed to
Alan Gaylor at 385-4524
Pesticide/Herbicide Schedule - Updated June 5, 2023

Our district utilizes a licensed, professional pest control service firm for the prevention and control of rodents, insects, and other pests in and around the district’s buildings. The program consists of:
  • inspection and monitoring to determine whether pests are present, and whether any treatment is needed
  • recommendation for maintenance and sanitation to help eliminate pests without the need for pest control materials
  • utilization of non-chemical measures such as traps, caulking, and screening
  • application of EPA-registered pest control materials when needed
Pests can sting, bite, cause contamination, damage property, and spread disease; therefore, we must prevent and control them. The long-term health effects on children from the application of such pest control materials, or the class of materials to which they belong, may not be fully understood. All pest control materials are chosen and applied according to label directions per Federal law. An estimated schedule of interior pest control inspections and possible treatments is available for review on our website or at each school office.
A similar estimated schedule is available for application of herbicides and other materials to school grounds. Herbicides may be applied by a professional firm and/or district personnel.
Parents of students may request to receive, at their expense, prior notification of any application of a pest control material, should such an application be deemed necessary on a day different from the days specified in the schedule.
Red Wing Schools has a board approved Indoor Air Quality Management Plan. Our IAQ plan is based on the Environmental Protection Agencies (EPA) ‘Tools for Schools’ indoor air quality program designed specifically for schools.

The plan’s goal is to provide indoor air quality that contributes to a favorable learning environment for students, productivity for teachers and staff, as well as an environment that is as healthy as possible. However, the intent of the plan is not to solve all indoor air quality concerns in a school, rather the intent is to provide a road map to assist in managing indoor air quality.

For further information you may contact Alan Gaylor, IAQ Coordinator at 385-4524 or Wendy German, Meridian Consulting, at 1- 612-965-5142.

Additional Information
The Environmental Protection Agency
Institute for Environmental Assessment
The Minnesota Department of Health

Contact Information for more information
Contact any of the personnel listed below:
Head Custodians
Alan Gaylor - IAQ Coordinator
3rd week of every month (15th-21st)
Thanksgiving Holiday
Winter Break
Good Friday
Memorial Day

*Exterior treatment to control beetles, bees & other pests will be performed on an "as-needed" basis and will be applied during non-school hours
Beginning of the Year Student Data Privacy Message for Digital Tools:
Red Wing Public Schools, ISD 256 & the Goodhue County Education District, ISD 6051 uses a variety of digital tools to support student learning. Technology vendors and software is utilized to support work as we help all students develop the skills necessary to succeed in an ever-changing world.

We have an inventory of our curriculum, testing, and assessment tools posted on our web sites. Click HERE for a direct link to this privacy information which includes an outline of the student data elements within each tool. This list is maintained and communicated annually to all families at the start of the school year.

Please reach out to the following people for additional questions regarding specific digital tools used in classrooms.
Red Wing Public Schools: Dr. Martina Wagner 651.385.4504
Goodhue County Education District: Jess Whitcomb 651.327.2426

Sincerely, Red Wing Public Schools, ISD 256 Goodhue County Education District, ISD 6051