Red Wing School District School Board

The School Board is made up of seven citizens elected at large by voters in the District. Members are elected to four-year overlapping terms, with elections held every two years. At the end of a four-year term, members may run for re-election to successive terms. Voting takes place at general elections in November, and terms begin the first Monday in January thereafter. If a vacancy occurs in the middle of a term, the School Board names an appointee to serve until the next district election.


Jim Bryant
Member since 2019
Term expires 2026
Vice Chair

Pam Roe
Member since 2017
Term expires 2024   

Rachel Marshall Schoenfelder
Member since 2023
Term expires 2026
J Tift
Jennifer Tift
Member since 2021
Term expires 2024
N Buck
Nicky Buck
Member since 2021
Term expires 2024

Terese Bjornstad
Member since 2023
Term expires 2026

A Ostendorf
Anna Ostendorf
Member since 2021
Term expires 2024

We encourage the public to attend school board meetings and committee meetings.  Most regular board meetings are recorded and broadcast live on the Red Wing Public Schools YouTube channel.  Click on links below for more information.
School Board Meetings, Agendas and Minutes

School Board Policy Handbook

2023 School Board Committee Assignments

2023 School Board Meeting Calendar

School Board Videos

Archived School Board Meetings & Committees
Find contact information for individual school board members by clicking on their respective names. To contact the entire School Board, click on the email link below. All members will receive your email, and the Board Clerk will respond on behalf of the Board. You may send mail for the Board, collectively or individually, to: 2451 Eagle Ridge Dr., Red Wing, MN 55066.

Email to Superintendent and all School Board Members

The school board would like to provide interested community members an opportunity to provide appropriate public comment.  We seriously consider all questions and concerns presented, but we follow protocols to ensure orderly operation of the meeting and the development of an appropriate response. Public may provide comment in person and sign in upon arrival or public comment may be shared by emailing a statement to   or ;by noon the day of the meeting.  The statement must include the writer’s name and address.   Upon review with  appropriate edits as per expectations outlined in the Public Comment portion of the school board agenda, the individual will be invited to attend the meeting virtually and read their statement to the Board during the Public Comment portion of the agenda.

The following guidelines will be followed during public comment:

1.         We expect that comments be limited to 3 minutes per person and that a representative be selected to speak on behalf of a group of individuals attending the meeting for the same topic. 

2.         School board members will listen to the public comments but will not discuss the topic at the meeting.  The Superintendent and/or school board chair may provide a response outlining steps the school district has taken or will take to address the concerns.  A summary of the school district’s actions in response to public comment will be provided to the school board, individuals submitting public comment, and/or public at a later date as appropriate. 

3.         We expect that comments remain respectful and appropriate and not identify any current or former students, their families, or staff members by name.