Scott Bender
Dream, and Achieve
Scott Bender
RWHS Room H102
651-385-4600 ext 4733
7:00 - 7:30 any day AND
9:40-11:00 A-Day  /Day 1 or 11:25 - 1:00, 8:05-9:20 B-Day / Day 2


I'm a Social Studies teacher because I know how enjoyable Social Studies can be.  
, your class, Global Studies, is a Geography-based class, so yes, we'll study physical
geography.  But we'll get into economics and find out why some countries are rich and others
poor.  We'll study the history of different regions to figure out why people there think as they think
and live as they live.  We will study current events, a little bit of geology, citizenship and almost
any of the things that fall into the realm of Social Studies.  I look forward to helping you "discover
our world" as we work together throughout the year!

   Seniors!  There's a very good chance that you'll find your American Government and Politics class to be be pretty cool!  End-of-course surveys from previous Seniors show a lot of intrigue and interest in what we do from day to day.  We will learn the basics of how our government works; for instance, how might one person's good idea actually become a law, who plays what role when and where, etc.  But the course is very fluid depending on current news in-country and internationally, so you'll get a good understanding of our politics in action both in U.S. foreign policy and U.S. domestic policy.  You'll see how "our way" is unique; it's often quite fractious and cumbersome, but offers constant hope and means for progress in every area.

EXPERIENCE: Red Wing Schools, 1997-present
RTR Middle School, Russell, MN 1995-97
Butterfield-Odin High School, 1992-1995

EDUCATION: Masters of Education, Winona State University, Winona, MN   2000
Bachelor of Arts, Metropolitan State College, Denver, CO  1991
Associate of Arts, Central Texas College, Killeen, TX  1987
Global Studies
Senior Government