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Phone # (651) 385-4600
Prep hour- 1st Block 8:05-9:30 A days  3rd Block B days- 11:43-1:08

My Vision is to help build a future committed to the belief that all communities are enriched by the presence and contribution of people with disabilities.
I am a Special Education teacher at Red Wing High School. Currently I am working with students with cognitive disabilities and autism.  My caseload includes students in grade 12 and Super Wingers of Transition Ages 18-21. These super wingers have already completed their graduation requirements.

Transition into the adult world can present challenges for all young people. The process of transition may be more difficult for some youth with disabilities and will require unique strategies to enable each student to achieve the maximum possible independence in working, living and participating in the community as adults.  We work on many concepts in our classroom including the areas of Functional Academics,Math, Communication, Community,Vocational Training, Daily Life Skills and Transition skills.

There are three areas that must be discussed when participating in a transition planning meeting:

  • What is the student’s long term goal in the area of Postsecondary Education or Training?
  • What is the student’s long term goal in the area of Employment?
  • What is the student’s long term goal in the area of Independent Living/Community Participation (if appropriate)?

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Life Skills
Transition Studies
Transition Portfolios, Organizational Skills, Self Advocacy, Study Skills Development, Resiliency Training, Communication, Problem Solving, and Conflict Resolution.