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  About the Red Wing High School Band Program

The Red Wing High School Band Program consists of about 250 students in grades 8-12.  There are four concert bands, one upperclassmen Jazz Lab I, Jazz II, Jazz III and Pit Orchestra.  Chamber ensembles include percussion ensembles, brass quintets, and woodwind quintets.   


Master Band Schedule 2018-2019

Date Day Time Event Location
11.9.18 Fri TBD Veteran’s Day Assembly TBMS/RWHS
11.13.18 Tues 7:00pm 8th-9th Grade Choir Concert (Confirm) Hovda Hall
11.18.18 Sun 3:00PM Combined CB/Star of the North Hovda Hall
11.23.18 Fri Evening Holiday Stroll (Jazz Lab) RW Downtown
11.30.18 Fri 4pm Jazz I and Oviation @ Mall of America MOA
12.10.18 Mon 7:30PM 7th-8th Grade Band Concert  Hovda Hall
12.17.18 Mon 7:00PM 9th-12th Grade Band Concert Hovda Hall
1.19.19? Sat 7:00PM 9-10 SEMBDA Honor Band TBD
1.24-27.19 Thur-Sun 7pm/2pm RWHS Musical Sheldon 
3.1-5.19 Fri-Tues ALL DAY NASHVILLE TRIP Nashville, TN
3.16.18 Sat 4pm-? Booster Spaghetti Dinner RW Elks 
3.23.19 Sat All Day Duluth Jazz Fest (Jazz I, II, III) UMD
3.25.19 Mon 7:00PM 10th-12th Band Concert Hovda Hall
3.28.19 Thurs 4-8pm Band and Choir Juries Music Dept.
4.1.19 Mon 7pm TBMS Jazz/Jazz Lab Concert TBMS Aud
4.9.19 Tues ALL DAY Solo and Ensemble Contest St Charles??
4.15.19 Mon 7:00PM District Jazz Concert  Hovda Hall
4.24.19 Wed 3:30-7:30PM Big Nine Select Rehearsal  Century HS
TBD?? Fri TBD UWEC Jazz Festival UWEC
5.3.19 Fri ALL DAY Big Nine Music Fest-Concert Band/Choir ALHS
5.6.19 Mon 7:30PM 8-9th Band Concert Hovda Hall
5.13.19 Mon 7:30PM 10-12th Band Concert Hovda Hall
5.15.19 Wed 6:00PM Jazz in the Park Band Shell
5.27.19 Mon 8:45AM Memorial Day Service (CB/Ovation) Baypoint
6.7.19 Fri 7:00PM Graduation (Concert Band/Choir) Field/Gym

Please let us know if there is anything else we could add by contacting us 651-385-4639 or by emailing