Mrs. Janean Robert
I will be teaching Environmental Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, and Physical Science this year. Science is an important part of one's high school learning. Learning will take place in many different ways: notes, lecture, discussion, projects, readings, labs, and experiments. The ideals and concepts learned will be applied and used in many different situations. Many jobs that the students of today will be working in will involve the concepts of science and math. Teaching is what I do. You can help me do better by letting me know immediately when you need extra help. I am available before and after school. It's easier to fix a little problem than to tackle a major one. 
My phone number is 651-385-4600 ex 4671
My email is
My prep is 2nd hour (9:30 - 10:50) A days     No prep on B days

Physical Science
Environmental Chemistry