Mr. Tim Bowes
"Learn to read and read to learn. It's a beautiful thing. Think about it... Talk about it.. Enjoy it."
You're encouraged to forget you've ever seen this picture of me. 

The 2018/19 school year will be my 19th year at RWHS after four years of secondary teaching in other districts in Iowa and Minnesota, and approximately eight years teaching post-secondary English courses either full or part-time between two collegiate institutions. Prior to these formal education experiences, I spent a great deal of time traveling, working numerous jobs - some professional, some not, reading, attending college, and of course, serving four years in the United States Navy. 

This year I'll be leading the following courses: AP Lit & Comp/ Intro to Lit (Fall) and College Writing II (Spring) ((Concurrent via SE MN Comm. College), American Lit I (Fall) and Am. Lit II (Spring). This year, the first in my tenure here, I will only have TWO preps (courses I teach) with Three sections of each and I love teaching each (sincerely)((no, really)).

My office hours this fall are during 3rd period ( around lunch ) on both A and B days, as well as from 7:15 a.m. until first hour each day as well as from the end of last hour until 3:15 p.m. My classroom remains J102 where I welcome students to an open-minded atmosphere. My email address is and my school phone contact is 385-4600 Ext. 4726. 

AP Lit/Comp Class Calendar
AP Literature and Writing
This is a college level, Concurrent course warranting three college credits per semester via SE MN Community College and aligned with the MNSCU system. (Students must first pass the Accuplacer test for college transfer credits.)
American Literature I
American Lit. II