Technology Support

With so much technology being used in the schools, there will be times when help is needed with devices that are not working correctly, such as computers, printers, tvs and telephones. The technology department has set up series of steps for staff to use when assistance is needed.

1. The IMC is your first contact in your building for technology assistance...
Deb Kopp- Sunnyside IMC Teacher
Jenny Hanson- Sunnyside IMC​ Assistant

Deb Kopp- Burnside IMC Teacher
Chris Burawa- Burnside IMC​ Assistant
​Jennifer Johnson - TBMS IMC​​ Assistant
Kristin Guetzlaff 
- TBMS/RWHS IMC​ Assistant
Meg Lahammer – RWHS/TBMS IMC Teacher
Lori Mitchell - RWHS​ IMC Assistant

2. If your issue cannot be resolved with the IMC staff please complete a work order on School Dude. Please use the link located on your desktop to complete. If you need instructions filling out a work, the link is also located on your desktop, or click here to create a work request.

3. If you need immediate technology assistance please contact 

Julie  385.4515
Charley 385.4517
Kevin 385.4507