Tech Committee

 The Technology Committee is made up of the following members: 

Karsten Anderson Superintendent
Steve Anderson School Board
Jennifer Bordonaro Burnside Elementary Principal
Beth Borgen Director of Support Services/TV Principal
Monica Capra Assistive Technology
Kim Cory HS/Twin Bluff Teacher
Julie Dahl Technology Specialist
    Technology Secretary
    RWHS Principal
Marcia  Jensen Community Education
    Director of Teaching and Learning
Cherie Johnson River Bluff Education Center Director
Kevin Johnson Technology Coordinator
Debbie Johnson-Lundberg Admin. Support - District Office
Beth Kelly Admin. Support - RWHS
Meg Lahammer RWHS/TBMS Media Center Teacher
Cindy Luhman River Bluff Education Center Secretary
Charley McLaughlin Computer Technician
Min MartinOakes Colvill Director
TaNesha Messner Burnside
Michael  Pagel Sunnyside Elementary Principal
Chris Palmatier TBMS Principal
Amy Pearson Sunnyside Teacher
Trina Petterson Elementary Computer Teacher
Nicole Norgard TBMS/RWHS Teacher
Jill Rivard Webmaster
  Below are the Technology Committee Meeting Minutes:  
March 27, 2017  
September 26, 2016  
December 8, 2015  
October 27, 2014  
February 3, 2014  
October 28, 2013  
April 29, 2013  
February 11, 2013  
January 21, 2013  
November 12, 2012  
October 8, 2012  
September 15, 2011  
April 25, 2011  
April 6, 2011