A nurse is on site at Burnside School at nearly all times.

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Michelle Lyons

 Susan Christenson

Medication in School
 For the protection and care of children, the state recommendations require prescriptive medication only be dispensed upon receipt of physician's signature and directions to administer the medicine. Parents should deliver the medication to the school, and sign a release to give medication.

NO CHILD IS ALLOWED TO BRING MEDICATION TO SCHOOL TO TAKE ON THEIR OWN AT ANY TIME. Over-the-counter medication such as tylenol or cough drops require parental permission for less than a two-week period. If it is to be taken longer than two weeks, a physician's signature is required. Form is available on the Burnside news and information website page.

Vision/Hearing Screening
 All students will be screened for vision and hearing in the fall. If any problems are detected, a referral letter will be sent to the parents.

State law mandates that every student attending school have immunizations up to date and verified. Your child will not be allowed to enter school if this is not done. Parents who have any questions concerning the required immunizations may contact the school nurse or read information on the District Health Services page.

Permission Slip for Giving Medication
Permission Slip