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Early Childhood Screening is a state mandated program offered through Red Wing Schools for children who are three to five years old. Screening is a careful check of a child's health, hearing, immunizations, vision, growth, speech/language, motor, cognitive development and family factors. Screening is offered monthly throughout the school year.  Preschool screening will help ou find out how your child is doing, connect you to early childhood programs and answer parenting questions.  Sign up for the early childhood screening at 651-385-8000.

All children are now required by Minnesota State law to participate in an Early Childhood Screening program before entering public school kindergarten.

Click below to view Minnesota Department of Education Screening video
MDE Screening Video

Screening is offered at no cost to families.

What Do I Need to Bring to the Screening:
There are a number of documents required at screening time.  Click on link below to access these documents.  Please fill out and bring with you to the screening.  You can also get the screening documents by calling 651-385-8000 and request them to be mailed to you.
Registration for Screening
Parent Consent for Screening
Early Childhood Immunization Form
Child Health and Development History


What Happens During the Screening:
During the Early Childhood Screening, well-qualified staff will check your child's:

Vision - Hearing - Growth - Immunization status
Skills in thinking, communication and language - Large and small muscles - Social/emotional development

Your child will be answering questions, counting, building with blocks, drawing and doing some large muscle activities. Children enjoy playing these games and activities. However, sometimes a child may be "shy" and unwilling to complete the screening test. If this happens, don't worry. We will just reschedule the screening for another time. We want children to be comfortable so they can show us all the wonderful things they know.
All of this information is important for your child's continued learning and readiness for future school success. After the screening, you will be given a full report of your child's learning and growth. Information to support your job as a parent will also be available. You will know how your child is developing.

When Should I Have My Child Screened:
Earlier is better!  It can be anytime starting when your child turns 3 to before entering kindergarten.
What Else Should I Know:
The early childhood years from birth to the start of kindergarten are an important time of rapid learning and growth.  Early Childhood Screening is a quick and simple check of how your child is doing at age 3 to 4. It identifies, at an early age, possible health or learning concerns so children can get help before starting school.

In order for your child to start kindergarten in any Minnesota public school, you will need to provide your school with your child's Early Childhood Screening Summary and an immunization record.

Approved methods of screening include those provided by the school district’s Early Childhood Screening program, Early Childhood Special Education, Head Start, Public Health, Child and Teen Check-ups, and a physician screening if a standardized tool is used. If you have any questions about whether screening documentation is acceptable, see contact information below.

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