What is an ALC? 

The Area Learning Center provides educational options to students who are experiencing difficulty in the traditional setting. Alternative programs are characterized by personalized learning, small class sizes, innovative teaching, and strong relationships between staff and students.

Area Learning Center programs typically consist of a high school day program, a middle school day program, credit recovery (extended day/year) at the high school level, and targeted services at the K-8 level.

The Red Wing Area Learning Center began serving students in 1989 when Tower View Alternative High School opened its doors to students ages 16-21. Tower View remains the cornerstone of the program as it serves as the high school alternative day program. Red Wing High School offers credit recovery (extended day/year) opportunities through an Independent Study program after-school, as well as a summer school session. Targeted services programming occurs at Sunnyside, Burnside, and Twin Bluff elementary schools.
In the late spring of 2013, the Red Wing School District partnered with the Goodhue County Education District in offering an Area Learning Center. As a result of this partnership, students in the Red Wing School District have access to a middle level day program, called the Pathways Program. 
The mission of Targeted Services is to provide intervention and prevention services to elementary and middle level (grades K-8) students so they are successful and remain in the traditional school. Targeted Services offers programs on an extended day (before and/or after school) and extended year basis (summer school).

Currently Targeted Services programs are available at Sunnyside, Burnside, and Twin Bluff elementary schools. 

The Credit Recovery Program provides students the opportunity to progress with their studies by completing coursework and graduation standards outside the regular school day and year. The program is designed for students who are at-risk of failure in the traditional setting or have already dropped out and want to reenter the education system. Students must be 16 years of age to enroll.

Classes are offered after the regular school day and during the summer.
Classes are small, permitting students to work independently or in small groups. All instruction is individualized, self-paced and competency based. Students are expected to do coursework beyond class hours.

To sign-up, contact a Red Wing High School Counselor or click HERE to download the application and for more information

The After-School Credit Recovery Program will run Mondays, 2:50 - 4:50, from September 26 to May 22.

Red Wing
Red Wing High School
2451 Eagle Ridge Drive
Red Wing, MN 55066 

The Pathways Program is designed for 6th and 7th grade students and operates as a school-within-a-school program. Students participate in a 90 minute literacy class, a homebase, an exploratory class, and a skills class designed for ALC students. The students join other middle school students for their other classes, lunch, "walk and talk" time before school, special assemblies and co-curricular activities.

The ALC program operates on the same calendar and length of school day as Twin Bluff Middle School.


The program is limited to 12 total students (grades 6 and 7 combined). There is a multi-step enrollment process to ensure that the Pathways Program is the right educational option for the student. The Pathways Program is open to any student in Goodhue County. Please see the attachments below for more details on this process.

Mission and Vision

Pathways Program Overview