Smart Training Center
SMART recognizes the importance of professional development in making the most of your technology investments. To that end, we have created a comprehensive selection of training offerings ranging from free materials and lessons to fee-based events and on-site training. Please visit our training site to learn more about which training option is right for you. 

Community and Content:
A sense of community is important to SMART which is why we created the SMART Exchange. Here you can share content and connect with teachers across the country. You will also find teacher created content specific to the curriculum standards for your region and grade. The SMART Exchange is a great tool for those new to the technology as well as experienced users.

SMART's New YouTube Channel

SMART Math Software and other SMART Resources

The Whiteboard Blog

This site is a Diigo group of educators sharing SMARTboard resources.

Converting videos to Flash format so you can “insert/embed” them into your SMARTNotebook presentation/lesson.
There are many ways to do this, but the most reliable way I have found is using the Download Helper plug-in for Firefox

Adobe Flash
Note: You must have Adobe Flash on to each computer in order to use all the interactive features of SMARTNotebook.