In Biology, the students will learn about, apply, and utilize concepts concerning the living world and themselves. The semester starts with learning and discovering what characteristics make something living ot not. A unit on insects, that includes and insect collection is completed in the fall. Learning the components of all cells and their functions. Plant, animals, and bacteria. How does material get into and out of cells? Photosynthesis and cellular respiration is the next unit. How do organisms get energy to keep surviving? How do cells reproduce? What is heredity all about. What is DNA and the human genome. We will even with the help of Mayo get to type some of our mitochondrial DNA!! The new advances in gene therapy will be examined. Second semester begans with ecology and environment, learning about Darwin and evolution, and then starting the six kingdoms. We go through viruses, bacteria, protist, fungi, plant, and animal. We will look at many different organisms. There is much to cover. Many interesting, new discoveries being made. I will expect the students to keep up with the work. There will be homework. I am available before or after school for any help. Biology is all about YOU.