Alert Now - Emergency Alert System

1. Allows parents to "opt-Out" of having, for instance, a company phone called even though it is listed as a contact number in our TIES database.

2. Allows messages to be sent in English or Spanish. The language used will be determined by what you have declared as you primary language in our student information system.

3. If you have a phone number that you do NOT want called, you may Opt-Out. Keep in mind that you are opting out of ALL notices and emergency messages.

4. If our superintendent must send out an emergency message totally from his cell phone, the computer based Opt-Out system will not work, you will receive a call.

5. If you have, for instance, 3 children, you will only receive one call, not one for each student/child.

6. Caller ID will show 385-4600 if the message was sent as an emergency

7. Normal messages will only be sent to the primary phone number (2) and email address (2).

8. Emergency calls will be sent to ALL phone numbers in our system. *Up to 2 Primary numbers, 12 Emergency numbers, 2 Primary emails & 5 Emergency email addresses.

This program pulls phone numbers for students and staff via TIES data. If you have changed any of your phone numbers, disconnected a land line, changed a cell number or if your emergency contact number has changed, please make sure you login to myView (Staff) or SchoolView( Parents) to update the change(s). You may also contact Holly Powers at 385-4512 or

Also, if you have received a message from AlertNow on your home answering machine, voicemail, etc and there is a “partial message”…there is a reason for this. AlertNow regards a “pause” in the start of an answering machine message as a “live answer”…and it will start playing its message as if a person picked up the phone and was listening. If this happens to you…AlertNow has a website that you can visit to listen to the entire message. Go to and enter your phone number that AlertNow called. You will be able to click on and listen to the message that you missed.

If you are wishing to “opt out” of AlertNow calls, you should call Jaimie Halvorson at 385-4508 or email her at

Calls go out as early as 5:30 a.m. and as late as 10:00 p.m. Regardless of if you opt out or not, it is a good idea to update your personal information in myView or SchoolView.

If you cannot remember your login information you can call Holly at 385-4512 or Julie at 385-4515 for help getting your login information.