Colvill Family Center and Colvill Kids Curriculum
Colvill Family Center intentionally and directly address children’s growth and learning needs  in all areas of development through evidence based curriculum and strategies. Student progress is monitored on an ongoing basis and reported to parents twice a year at conferences using the Colvill Skills Checklist.

To develop emerging literacy skills Colvill Kids and Colvill Family Center uses a literature and evidence based curriculum.  This approach helps children build the foundational skills for success in using the Daily 5 and CAFE strategies used in Kindergarten and beyond.  Classroom activities are based on the “book of the week” (always a high quality children’s literature selection).

Emerging mathematical thinking is taught through the use of the  evidence based “Teaching Mathematics to Young Children” guide. Each week, in sequence and at a developmentally appropriate leve,  a specific math skill is taught. As children master that skill at one level, the teacher  will cycle back to that skill to teach it at a higher level.
Pre-writing skills are taught through shared and individual writing opportunities with the mechanics of writing taught through the “First Strokes” and “Handwriting Without Tears” strategies.

Social and emotional skills are addressed through the Pyramid Model, an evidence based curriculum for building play, social and emotional competencies. Common language, strategies and directly taught interaction skills contribute to student success in developing these important life skills.

Large and small group teacher directed time, free play, gross motor time and snack time are all part of our day and are how the children learn routines as well as self-help skills.

Parents are always welcome to spend time in classrooms.  Simply notify the director or your child’s teaching in advance. 

Please contact Min MartinOakes, director, or your child’s teacher  for more detailed information on our curriculum.

We look forward to the joys of watching each child learn and grow throughout the year!