Gmail Information:  here is the google support site that has great informaton -

Some hints on personalizing your account:

The gear icon    on your gmail page is your friend - click and select settings, this is where you will be able to set up your gmail.  Click on settings.

Gmail defaults to conversation view which means you see all the replies that are made for an email - some people do not like this - click on the gear icon - click on settings and scroll down to conversation view - turn this off and it will be like your Outlook account.

When you are in settings, there are links at the top, this is where you can make other changes - the Lab link is where Google is trying new gadgets for gmail.  One that I have added that I like is the google calendar gadget, it links up to show upcoming events on your personal google calendar.  I have also moved the Chat to the right side - I like it there better.

I have also set my gmail to show my unread emails at the top - this can be done by clicking on the small arrow next to your inbox botton and click on unread first - there are different options also.

To compose an email, click on compose, if sending to anyone in the district, just start typing the name next to TO and the names will populate - it only shows 6 names at a time so you may have to type in the whole name.  If the name is not showing - click on To and put the name in the search bar and click search icon.