Enforcement of Type III driving requirements are stringent.  Any driver (must be a district employee!) who transports students will NOT be given a van key without the following steps being completed:

1)  Training (Powerpoint) and one survey completed once each calendar year and filed with the district office receptionist.

2)  Driver’s license background check once each calendar year filed with the district office receptionist.

3)  Behind the Wheel evaluation as part of initial qualification (schedule an evaluator and van through the district office receptionist).

4)  For annual renewal, review training video as a substitute for Behind the Wheel evaluation and sign certification that you completed it. 

5)  Must report any driving violations on Violation Report below (includes on personal time) - violation may require re-test/re-training.

6)  Each van must have a pre-trip inspection completed by the first driver of the day and kept in the vehicle that day (forms below and at the district office receptionist desk).


Those who drive as their sole duty must also have a MNDOT medical exam.

To reserve a van or for more information, call Lynn at 651-385-4501 or email her at lmnibbe@rwps.org.


Thank you for your cooperation in meeting these standards.