Thomas Wentzler
Welcome to Band at Twin Bluff Middle School.

My name is Thomas Wentzler. 

I am proud to be one of the many fine teachers at Twin Bluff Middle School, in Red Wing, MN.

I want to welcome you to the pride, excitement, and fun of the Red Wing Band Programs!

The Red Wing Band Programs have celebrated a tradition of recognized excellence in music education.  We are proud to have earned a reputation as an exciting organization that provides quality musical and educational experiences that are fun and memorable.

Beginning as a member of the Twin Bluff Middle School Bands requires committment, hard work, and a positive attitude on the part of every individual.  These essential ingredients are necessary for success and enjoyment, and are educational outcomes developed in each individual Band Member.

The rewards of membership in the Twin Bluff Middle School Bands are fun and memorable experiences, a large group of terrific friends, opportunities for significant musical and personal growth, and pride of membership in a respected organization committed to excellence.

I want to again welcome you the the pride, excitement, and fun of the TBMS Band Program.  May all of your experiences be musically satisfying, personally meaningful, and a source of great pleasure and pride.

My classes and activities include: 6th Grade Band, 7th Grade Band, Band Lessons for grades 6 & 7, and TBMS Jaz7.

As well as being a music teacher, I am a music student at VanderCook College of Music where I am working toward my master's degree of music education.  VanderCook College of Music is a pioneering college of music education located in Chicago, Ill.  

I am also a cornetist in our nationally recognized Sheldon Theatre Brass Band.

"Excite me and I will learn anything, make me curious and I will learn more." Socrates

My school phone number is 385 - 4530.

My email is

7th Grade Band
6th Grade Band
Jazz Band