TBMS Band Lessons

The TBMS instrumental program is based within a six day rotation.  Every six days, a band student is assigned a "pull-out of class" lesson for 14 minutes.  During the lesson, the book assignment is reviewed and corrected, and new materials are introduced.  All students should have at least six lessons graded for each grading period.

All students have a method book to study from and are expected to demonstrate proficiency in assigned materials.  
6th grade students begin with the Book One "Traditions of Excellence", and 7th grade progress into Book Two.

Students WILL ALWAYS HAVE BOOK HOMEWORK  (don't practice to get it right, practice until you don't get it wrong).

Missed lessons should be made up within the six day rotation for full credit.  A sign-up schedule is located in the front of the bandroom.  Late lessons will be graded, with reduced points.