Tower View Candle Company
Our small business class at Tower View Alternative High School has put together a company selling candles. The candles are made at Tower View by the students in the class.  Each candle costs $5.00, the candles make great gifts, and are perfect for any occasion.  All of our profits this year go to the Jacob Wetterling Foundation. Click HERE to view the thank you letter from the Jacob Wetterling Foundation!  (In 3 years, Tower View Candle Company has donated $2,700 and we donated another $1,000 this semester)! If you would like to make a purchase, please fill out the order form below and email it to Ben Slagle at or contact Tower View Alternative High School at 651-388-8963.  
Scents Available: Almond Biscotti, Apple Harvest, Baby Powder, Bayberry, Brown Sugar, Buttered Rum,   Caramel Apple Cider, Christmas Tree, Cinnamon Buns, Cinnamon & Spice, Coffee Bean, Cucumber Melon,    Dark Kiss, Eucalyptus, Fresh Cut Roses, Gingerbread, Hawaiian Breeze, Hazelnut, Hot Apple Pie, Jasmine, Juniper Breeze, Lavender, Lilac, Love Spell, Macintosh Apple, Mango Papaya, Meadow, Monkey Fart,  Patchouli, Peach Nectar, Pumpkin Pie, Sensual Amber, Sweet Pea, Tropical vacation, Unscented,  Vanilla Blossom, Watermelon.