Welcome to Tower View Alternative High School
Tower View Alternative High School is a program sponsored by the Goodhue County Education District and staffed by Red Wing Public Schools.  Tower View has full standards-based math, language arts, career/technical education, social studies, and science curricula; outdoor recreation and physical education; parenting classes and other support/human resource services; ArtReach; Youth Outreach; special education; art classes; and robotics.

Phone: 651-388-8963
Fax:  651-385-8619
154 Tower View Drive Red Wing, Mn 55066
Office Hours: 7:00am - 3:30pm

Principal: Dr. Beth Borgen

About Tower View Quick Links

Tower View Alternative High School in Red Wing, Minnesota is a program sponsored by the Goodhue County Education District and staffed by Red Wing Public Schools, it serves students ages 16-21 who find mainstream public education an ineffective path to academic success and a high school diploma. 

Located on an historic 350-acre estate,
Tower View’s beautiful campus environment
is less institutionalized and more relationship-based.
Learning is individualized and classes are small.
Most coursework is self-paced and all work
is completed on-site; there is no homework.
To help reduce stress of completing academic work
by a fixed graduation date, each student earns semester credits
along a time continuum not exceeding the student’s 21st birthday.
(NOTE: Based upon course productivity during available attendance hours,
each student may determine when he or she graduates,
whether that is before, after, or on expected time of graduation.

Tower View shares the same school calendar as
Red Wing High School, and students may participate
in various Red Wing High School activities and classes.

Tower View Candle Company (TVC2)
Tower View Alternative High School's Work Experience Department has developed a small business class that raises money for donations to different entities in Red Wing. The product we sell are soy based candles.  Tower View Candle Company has had positive reviews for their candle’s long burn time and nice scent.  Each 1/2 pint candle is $5.00 with 50% of proceeds going toward donation (this year money will be donated t o Out of the Darkness (part of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention) and 50% going toward buying supplies. Click HERE for more information.