Technology Tools
This page is designed to share technology tools and to set up a place where staff can have discussions on different technology tools/concerns.

The American Association of School Librarians puts out a top 25 websites for education and learning list every year
Top 25 DigitalTools for Teaching and Learning


PhET - This site has great simulations that could be used in the classroom

Curriculum Sites for Educators

Study Stack - This is a great site for getting flash cards and other resources for many subjects. - Content Matrix - This is a good place to begin searching for activities by subject or grade level.
Discovery Education - This site has great teacher resources - from quizzes online, puzzlemaker to a lesson plan library.  Spend some time with this site!
ReadWriteThink This site has professional development, student and parent resources and classroom resources.
Teach-nology - Free and easy to use resources for teachers dedicated to improving the education of today's generation of students
PBS - Search by subject and grade level through hundreds of lesson plans with supporting material.
BBC - Resources for grades K-12 across all disciplines.  Very interactive.


ABC Teach - Includes over 5000 free printable activities including flashcards, worksheets, some activities are for members only.
A to Z Teacher Stuff - Another site with many activities and resources for teachers.
Jeopardy Labs  - This site will generate Jeopardy games for classrooms.


Puzzlemaker - Allows you to create different types of puzzles from Discovery School.


RubiStar - RubiStar is a free creating tool to help a teacher make quality rubrics.

Wordcloud Generator

EdWordle  - Easy to use word cloud generator - fun!


Glogster  - This site is great for a class that will be doing class presentations.

Prezi – this is a new way to do a presentation – this is a little trickier to use but a cool way to liven up a powerpoint

 Viziwords – this is an online graphical dictionary – see words in a whole new way!
Unsplash - one of many photo websites

Spelling Lists

Spelling City – the students can put in their spelling words and can practice seeing and hearing them and from there, make games using the specific words.

Screencasting: making video recording what is on the computer screen

Screencastomatic - pretty easy to use - will need a microphone for your computer.

Blogs and Wikis

Blogger - Google's free blog tool.  Students register with an e-mail address and then get their own URL for blogging

WEB 2.0

Animoto - Automatically converts a series of images to a music video
Voicethread - add narration to still images - allows for collaborative use where every student can add his or her voice to a picture- can upload voice from computer or phone
Audacity - Free audio recorder and editor - can be used to create podcasts

Sites that are set up for using technology in an educational setting - there is a ton of information on these sites.

GCF Learn Free - this is a site for training on various computer, reading and math subjects.
Education World - This is a great website for teachers!!  I really liked the site reviews under more technology resources though many were old.
eSchoolNews -  This is a companion site for the eSchool newspaper.  General information about technology in education
Educator Bootcamp - I really like the post about the 19 word cloud resources which is under favorite posts
Edutopia - Connect with people improving education - lots of great info and resources.
Free Technology for Teachers  - This site is a blog from a technology teacher.
Teacher Tube - This is the Youtube for educators along with new teacher resources and documents.
Discovery Education - This site has great teacher resources - from quizzes online, puzzlemaker to a lesson plan library.  Spend some time with this site!

Sheppard Software - This site has some good games at many different levels.
A+ Math - This web site was developed to help students improve their math skills interactively.   
AAA Math - Math site for Grade K - 8.  

MathWire - Math site for younger students  
WolframAlpha - Computational knowledge engine - Take a closer look at MN math standards by grade level. - Students practice basic math skills while playing fun online games. 

Science NetLinks - Links for all science areas
National Science Digital Library - Science online library for education and research
Exploratorium - Hands-on activities, online exhibits, articles, videos, and more on science - check out the educators session
National Science Foundation - interactive tour of a human cell
NASA Kids' Club
PBS Nova - Podcasts, Videos and interactives
Virtual Biology Labs - 5 virtual labs from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute - older students
Jason - Education through Exploration website set up by National Geographic - grade 5 - 8
National Geographic Animals  - Research animals, hear animal sounds, watch animal videos, and more!

Community and Content:

A sense of community is important to SMART which is why we created the SMART Exchange. Here you can share content and connect with teachers across the country. You will also find teacher created content specific to the curriculum standards for your region and grade. The SMART Exchange is a great tool for those new to the technology as well as experienced users.

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