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Joshua Fuchs Principal
Mandy Stokes Assistant Principal
Robin Pagel Assistant Principal
Jeni Stern Administrative Assistant
Bethany Borgschatz Administrative Assistant


Amber Pauley
10th & 12th grade counselor
To make an appointment with Mrs. Pauley, please click here.

Brian Buechner
9th & 11th Grade Counselor
To make an appointment with Mr. Buechner, please click here.

Kara Gulbro
8th Grade Counselor
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High School Registrar/Counseling & SPED Secretary
Tina Wronski Grinager

Doug Barlow      Website  
William Emery    

Meg Lahammer Media Specialist

Susan Burns Case Manager  
Alexis Ebert Psychologist  
Tina Grinager Spec Ed Secretary  
Megan Hanten Case Manager Website
Kari Matthies Case Manager  
Ashley Nelson Social Worker  
Kellie Oquist Case Manager  
Candis Rome Psychologist  
Darcy Ruby Case Manager  
Kaycee Tulip Social Worker