Red Wing School District Curriculum

District Curriculum and Instruction is continuously reviewed by district administration and building and district content teams.  Additionally, each content area goes through a thorough review cycle on a periodic basis, where more holistic curricular and resource changes are considered.   The school district is committed to providing rigorous and relevant curriculum for all students and to continuously examine and improve instructional practices to meet their needs.

Red Wing Public Schools’ curriculum is guided by the Minnesota State Standards and refined through the process of curriculum mapping. Curriculum mapping is a process for examining instruction, alignment, assessments, and placement of standards. Mapping is an extensive and continuous process that requires teachers to collaboratively evaluate what is being taught in each grade level or course and why. Mapping allows teacher to determine what is essential for students to learn and when the timing is most appropriate for them to learn it. Curriculum maps outline the content and skills required in each grade level or course and identify the standards being addressed and the methods of assessment.   

Allegria Smisek - Director of Teaching and Learning/Assistant Superintendent