TBMS Curriculum

The teachers at Twin Bluff Middle School participate in the district curriculum review with all other district teachers. New materials and curriculum have been recently adopted in mathematics, science, social studies and health.

TBMS Course Offerings 

Twin Bluff Middle School has a 7 period day plus a homebase period. When students register they must make choices to fill all 7 class periods. Below are listed REQUIRED and ELECTIVE courses at each grade level.

FY = Full Year Courses
SEM = Semester Courses
ALT = Courses which meet every other day all year
Q = Quarter 

Grade 5
Language Arts Reading
Social Studies
Allied Courses (meet once every 4 days)
Physical Education
Grade 6 
Required Courses
Language Arts/Reading (FY)
Science/Health (FY)
Social Studies (FY)
Math/Enriched Math (FY)

Allied Courses
Physical Education (SEM)
Keyboarding (SEM)
Family Living Skills (SEM)
Music 6 (Q)

Art (Q)
Elective Courses
Band (during Homebase)

Grade 7
Required Courses
English/English Essentials(FY)
Life Science(FY)
Social Studies (FY)
Math/Enriched Math/Math Essentials(FY)

Allied Courses
Reading 7(Q)
Physical Education (SEM)
Project Lead the Way 7 (SEM)
Health (SEM)
Art (Q)
Elective Courses
Band (ALT)
Choir (ALT)
Study Hall