The teachers at Burnside School participate in the district curriculum review with all other district teachers. New materials and curriculum have been recently adopted in mathematics, science, social studies and health.

Classroom Curriculum
Subjects taught in the regular classroom and materials adopted are listed below:

Math Advantage - Harcourt Brace
FOSS Science Kits
District Created Health Kits
Social Studies
Scott Foresman
Language Arts
Writing - 6 + 1 Trait Writing
Harcourt Brace - Signature Series

Specialty Programs
In addition to the regular classroom classes, students also regularly attend classes in the following subjects:art, music, computer,media/library and physical education.

Expanded Curriculum Program
Additional opportunities are available to students in all Red Wing School District elementary schools.

Expanded Learning Opportunities

Arts Alive
Encourages students to develop and share their talents in both visual and performing arts.

This is an after school enrichment program for gifted, talented and/or creative students in grades 2-6. The program focuses on the sciences and humanities.
Math Masters
This program is designed to promote excellence in mathematical critical thinking skills, emphasizing confidence and fun for grade 5 students.

Lyceums and Field Trips
Opportunities are provided throughout the year for students to participate in a variety of enrichment programs.

Cluster Program
A gifted and talented program that identifies the top 2% of children in grades 3-5. Children are placed with their intellectual peers within the regular classroom and lessons are designed by trained teachers to meet their educational needs.
Artist and Music Residency Programs
Students benefit from several artists and performers conducting workshops throughout the year.
Author/Science Museum
Each year the PAC sponsors an author to visit and share his/her knowledge and experience with all students. The PAC has also sponsored the Science Museum staff to share a project with all classes.