Response-to-Intervention (RtI)
The Red Wing School District has embarked on an intense five year Strategic Plan. Embedded at the core of the Strategic Plan is the idea that all students can learn effectively in the Red Wing School System.

Beyond philosophical ideologies, the Strategic Plan engages the school system in examining its structure and function in multiple areas. One of those structural components that is being examined is the way that students are given the interventions, or support, they need to meet appropriate learning targets. This process is what is referred to as “Response-to-Intervention” or “RtI”. As such, the Red Wing School District is moving toward a fully functional RtI model of support for its students.

The goal of this initiative is that all students will be given the support they need in a timely and effective manner.

Please see the documents below for more detailed information.
 RtI Information

RtI: An Overview

RtI: Key Terms

RtI: Three Tier Continuum Overview

 Student Assistance Team Forms

Student Assistance Team Overview

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