The Red Wing School District is dedicated to providing quality health care to students during their hours of attendance. The health services program is coordinated by the district school nurse. 
Pupil Health Record:
A pupil health record is kept on all students in the Red Wing School system. The district requests pertinent health information about each student upon enrollment in the district to help ensure a student's safety in school. Parents are encouraged to notify school health personnel when their child has experienced a medical condition that would affect the student's safety in school or the ability to learn. Information is considered confidential and shared with school personnel only on a need to know basis.

Emergency Cards:
Emergency cards are provided yearly to parents so student information is current and accurate. They are sent home at the beginning of the school year. They should be filled out updating requested information, newly diagnosed medical information, and any medications that their child takes. When complete, they should be returned to the school health office.

Individual Health Plan:
An IHP is developed for students with chronic health concerns when the district nurse determines that the condition could affect a student's education. This plan becomes part of the student's Health Record.

Emergency Care Plan:
If a student has health concerns which could lead to an emergency situation, an emergency care plan will be developed. The plan will include such things as a description of the medical complication, emergency procedures to be followed and persons responsible for responding.

Information to Print
Influenza Vaccination Consent Form  
Medical Permission Form
required for dispensing medication to your child at school
Influenza-like Illness Symptom Screening Tool for Parents and Caregivers

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Contact Information
District Nurse
Joni Gorman