Special Diet Information
If your child has special dietary restrictions (such as the need for a gluten-free diet), please contact your child’s school nurse so that an Individualized Health Plan (IHP) can be developed and implemented. If your child requires a special diet, based on his or her disability, please fill out the “Special Diet Statement” (see link below).

This form will need to be signed by a Medical Doctor or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. If a child has been determined by a physician to have a disability and the disability prevents the child from participating in the meal service, modifications or substitutions can be made as prescribed by the physician at no additional charge to the student.

Melinda Johnson
Lisa Steggerda
651-385-4519 for additional information.

Lactose-Free Milk is avaialble at each of the school sites. For the 2020/21 school year, Lactaid is what has been selected. A request for Lactaid milk does not need the below Special Diet Form to be completed. Instead, a written note from the child's gaurdian/parent will surfice. If wanting another milk substitue option other than Lactaid, please complete the Special Diet Form

Special Diet Form