Parents have the ability to view their students lunch account.  Click on links below.
NEW!! - No processing fees for adding money to your child's account on-line!


Below are listed common questions which students new to computerized lunch systems often ask.

How do free and reduced price meals work?
Students eligible for free and reduced price meals will follow the same procedure as everyone else. Student's eligible for free or reduced meals will not be charged for their meals. By using this system, not even the cashier needs to know a student's eligibility status.

How do I enter my identification number?
A keypad is located at the cashier's stand. Enter the numbers and then press the green ENTER key on the keypad. A steady green light will appear to signal you to go ahead.

What if I pressed a wrong key?
The green light on the keypad will blink and you cannot go ahead. Press the red CLEAR button to start over.

How do you know it is my account?
After you press the green ENTER key, your name will appear on the cash register screen.

How will I know how much money is in my account?
You may ask the cashier for the balance in your prepaid account at any time. The cashier will tell you what your balance is. The cashier will also notify you when your account is getting low either by a verbal reminder or written notification. The district may also mail home reminders. 

Can I use my account to purchase a la carte items?
Yes, you can use your account for school lunch, and all a la carte items. Students MUST have a positive balance in order to purchase  a la carte items. THERE WILL NOT BE ANY CASH ACCEPTED IN THE CAFETERIA in order to keep the lines moving quickly.

How do I deposit money into my account?
Checks or cash can be dropped off at the designated station in the principal's office at the Elementary Schools and Twin Bluff Middle School in the morning before school starts. Your deposit will show up in your account the following day. Please allow 2-3 business days to see payment in your child's account, when accessing At the High School, checks and cash can be deposited in the Courtyard Café before school starts. Please make sure your name and identification number is written at the bottom of the check.

If you have any questions regarding this system, please contact:
Jess Pena