The Red Wing School District offers gifted programming. More specifically, the district gifted program is a menu of opportunities designed to allow talent to be developed by focusing on three specific areas: (1) Instruction, (2) Enrichment, and (3) Affective Support. The guiding document for this programming is the Talent Development Framework (see attachment below).

Each focus area (Instruction, Enrichment, and Affective Support) has three levels, or tiers, of support. Tier 1 opportunities are for "all" students, Tier 2 opportunities are for "some" students, and Tier 3 opportunities are for a "few" students. The tiers are designed to provide an increased level of specialized support for students. 

A major highlight of the programming is the Total School Cluster Grouping model, which encompasses grades 1-5. Please see the tab labeled "Total School Cluster Grouping" on the left-hand side of the website for more information.

Finally, please note the many positive things happening throughout the district related to Talent Development. These items are highlighted in the attachment below entitled "District Highlights - Talent Development", as well as the "Talent Development Brochure".