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School Board Negotiations Committee Meeting -  January 21 - 4:15 PM - Virtual Meeting
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The agenda is available at

Public Comment Information:
The public comment portion of the meeting has changed due to the meeting format:

Until further notice, public comment will be shared at regular meetings by emailing a statement to or by noon the day of the meeting. The statement must include the writer’s name and address. Upon review with appropriate edits as per expectations outlined in the Public Comment portion of the school board agenda, the individual will be invited to attend the virtual meeting via phone and read their statement to the Board during the Public Comment portion of the agenda.

The following guidelines will be followed during public comment:

1. We expect that comments be limited to 3 minutes per person and that a representative be selected to speak on behalf of a group of individuals attending the meeting for the same topic.

2. School board members will listen to the public comments but will not discuss the topic at the meeting. The Superintendent and/or school board chair may provide a response outlining steps the school district has taken or will take to address the concerns. A summary of the school district’s actions in response to public comment will be provided to the school board, individuals submitting public comment, and/or public at a later date as appropriate.

3. We expect that comments remain respectful and appropriate and not identify any current or former students, their families, or staff members by name.